Health Professionals
Health Professionals
Cancer Patient Navigation

Helping patients and their families navigate the cancer journey.
Cancer Patient Navigators are oncology nurses who work for a district health authority. They help children, adolescents and adult cancer patients and their families with a wide range of needs, including:

• physical,
• informational,
• psychological,
• social,
• emotional, and
• practical

Cancer Patient Navigators help patients and families by acting as advocates, educators and support throughout the cancer experience. They can link patients with networks of professionals and volunteer helpers to enhance their well-being and coping skills and improve quality of life while living with cancer. Learn more by reading the Navigation Evaluation Findings.

Working with diverse communities to improve access and education.

Working closely with CCNS, navigators help improve access and education to groups that have traditionally found it difficult to access cancer care. Find out more about issues and challenges in Navigating the Cancer System: African Nova Scotians’ Experience. Navigators have an in-depth knowledge of cancer care, including both clinical and supportive care, and are connected to all community and provincial cancer services. They have knowledge of a broad spectrum of cultural beliefs in health issues and the ability to assess the biopsychosocial needs of patients.

For further information, please contact:
Meg McCallum, Provincial Manager, Education and Cancer Patient Navigation
(902) 473-3781