Health Professionals
Health Professionals
Resources for Oncology Nurses

Oral systemic therapy for cancer is a HIGH RISK medication and therefore must be prepared, administered and handled according to specific guidelines.

The following resources are also available to nurses: 
    • Standards/Policies: 
        o Oral Systemic Therapy for standards of practice 
        o Safe Handling Policy 
        o Standards and Competencies for Cancer Chemotherapy Nursing Practice 

    • Verification 
        o Checklist [coming soon]
        o Fax template [coming soon]
         To be used when verifying orders that will be administered in non oncology settings.
     •Nursing Plan of Care for Hospital In-patients and Long Term Care Residents receiving oral systemic therapy 

    • Medication Information Sheet 
    Search the name of the drug or drug protocol 

    • Patient Education Resources 
        o Oral Systemic Therapy Patient Education: a Guide for Health Professionals 
        o Systemic Therapy Patient Teaching Checklist 
        o Oral Chemotherapy: a Guide for Patients and Families | Print Instructions
        o Cytotoxic Precautions: a Guide for Home 
        o Living Well with Cancer – a series of patient education resources, 
        including resources related to side effects of systemic therapy.
    • Follow-up Monitoring Guide
Personal Protective Equipment is required when administering cytotoxic drugs.