Oral Systemic Therapy [nursing]

A Toolkit for Nurses

Welcome to the Oral Systemic Therapy for Cancer: a Toolkit for Nurses. This toolkit is designed to assist nurses who are administering oral systemic therapy to cancer patients within and beyond oncology settings. Oral systemic therapy is a HIGH RISK medication and therefore must be prepared, administreated and handled according to specific guidelines.

It is recommended that oral systemic therapy doses only be administered by nurses knowledgeable about the drug, cytotoxic precautions, management of expected toxicities and other care required by oncology patients.

Nurses working within Non-Oncology In-Patient Units, Home Care and Long Term Care should click here to access resources to support their practice.

Nurses working within Oncology settings should click here to view the resources available to support their practice.

If you have questions or concerns about the administration of oral systemic therapy for cancer, please contact your clinical nurse educator or Oncology Practice Consultant:

Kara Henman , RN, MN, CON(C), Phone: (902) 473-1796

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