Oral Systemic Therapy [Primary Care Practitioners]

Welcome to the Oral Systemic Therapy for Cancer: A Toolkit for Primary Health Care Practitioners. This toolkit is designed to assist practitioners in their care of patients who are prescribed oral systemic therapy, by an oncologist, for cancer treatment. Oral systemic therapy is a HIGH RISK medication and requires an interdisciplinary approach to management.

To help primary health care providers be aware of the associated risks of oral systemic therapy a number of quick reference tools have been developed.

Quick Reference tools:
Systemic therapy manual- including medication information sheets and links to adverse reaction guides
Dose verification for cancer medication
Oral Systemic Therapy Patient Education: A Guide for Health Care Professionals
Pharmacy Toolkits (drug specific)-although this is designed to support pharmacists who are dispensing the medications, primary practitioners may also find the information useful (eg. List of adverse effects, drug-drug interactions
Adverse Drug Reaction Management Guides (drug specific)
• Follow up monitoring guides
   o First follow up call/visit 
   o Continuing follow-up calls/visits-short version 
   o Continuing follow-up calls/visits-long version
Medication adherence management

Patient Education Resources:
Oral Chemotherapy: A Guide for Health Care Professionals
Medication information sheets
Cytotoxic Precautions at Home: A Guide for Patients and Families
Living Well With Cancer
Oral Systemic Therapy Patient Education: A Guide for Patients and Families
Recommended websites

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