Who We Are

Cancer Care Nova Scotia works to improve cancer care and services for all Nova Scotians.

Established by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness in 1998, our mandate is to coordinate, evaluate and strengthen cancer care and services for all Nova Scotians.

Collaboration is at the very core of how we work to strengthen the cancer system in Nova Scotia. Working together with government, researchers, health providers and administrators, we’re making significant inroads in ensuring that Nova Scotia patients and families receive the best, evidence-based care available.

Cancer Care Nova Scotia works to provide:

Support - We work behind the scenes, providing crucial support to patients and their families, doctors, nurses and other health providers.

Education - Based on identified needs, we develop and deliver education programs for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to ensure they have the most current knowledge to provide quality care.

Standards - We work with cancer specialists to produce standards and guidelines for treating different kinds of cancer so that all Nova Scotians receive consistent, high quality care.

Collaboration - We work with government, health professionals and health administrators to plan and develop needed cancer services.

Awareness & Policy Development - We work with health charities, government and other community groups to address shared risk factors through awareness and policy development.

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