Terms of Reference - Project Team

Terms of Reference

Project Team – Provincial Cancer Services Delivery Review 2014

Considering the challenges of cancer service delivery in Nova Scotia, the growing demand to provide
efficient, effective and sustainable cancer services to patients and families while improving
outcomes, and the restructuring of health care within the province, the Department of Health and
Wellness has directed Cancer Care Nova Scotia to engage third party experts to work with system
leaders to review the current status of the cancer care delivery system and supports
within NS and to provide recommendations on a model for the provincial delivery of cancer care.
This model will consider clinical, academic and administrative leadership models, accountability
frameworks, governance, monitoring and evaluation as part of service delivery. It will address
the roles of health care professionals as well as the roles of Cancer Care Nova Scotia and the
Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program as provincial programs of the Department of Health and

The purpose of the project team is to provide advice and guidance in the process of building a
provincial model for cancer service delivery, including any necessary supports to the consultants
to enable them to meet their deliverables. The Project Team will be instrumental in
identifying components of work, logistics, trouble-shooting and ensuring the work progresses on

A Project Plan will be developed to guide the work below with timelines for milestones and
deliverables, which will include:
o Finalizing the Engagement Terms of Reference
o Finalizing the background package for the consultants
o Sending the Engagement Terms of Reference, background materials to the
consultants and schedule a meeting to discuss
o Scheduling / communicating the dates for the on-site consultants’ visit with key informants
across the province
o Developing a draft framework for stakeholder consultation as a starting point with the consultants on preferred approach for most effective consultation
o Reviewing/ providing feedback on proposed approach to the review submitted by the consultants
o Reviewing consultant updates / providing guidance / sharing with Steering Committee / facilitating/managing the review process
o Drafting Terms of Reference for a Steering Committee and inviting members
o Developing and implementing a Communication Strategy
o Identifying key stakeholders for one-one interviews / focus groups
o Reviewing /editing draft reports and recommendations and working with the consultants to finalize the report
o Identifying issues related to implementing the recommendations
o Forwarding the consultant’s report with considerations for implementation to the Steering Committee for review

Chaired by Chris Collier, Interim Chief Operating Officer, Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Members will include:
o Executive Director, Acute and Tertiary Care, Department of Health and Wellness
o Manager, Acute and Tertiary Care, Department of Health and Wellness
o Senior Project Manager, CCNS
o Communications Manager, CCNS
o Director of Prevention and Early Detection, CCNS
o Director, Cape Breton Cancer Centre
o Representative from the IWK Health Centre
o Medical representative from Capital Health
o Director, Capital Health Cancer Care Program

Project Team members will:
o Make a full commitment to the group and the tasks involved, and be responsible for indicating
areas of concern to the Chair.
o Bring their individual perspectives to the table, balanced with their role as a representative of
a specialty or professional group. Where appropriate, members must be prepared to consult with
colleagues to ensure the widest range of views are considered.
o Read all relevant documentation and make constructive comments and proposals at
(and between) Project Team meetings.
o Contribute constructively to meetings and have good communication and team-working skills.
o Keep confidential any information / data that is identified as such and not share said
information outside of the Project Team. The discussions at the Project Team will be kept
confidential. The minutes will report the conclusion / recommendations of the discussion.

Process, Meetings and Reporting
o Meetings will be held weekly or at the call of the Chair. Sub-project team meetings, if necessary, will occur outside the overall Project Team meetings.
o The Chair will report to the Steering Committee on a regular basis or as determined by the pace of the work.
o The Project Team will follow the timeline for deliverables, as outlined in the Project Charter.
o Decision-making (consensus, voting, formal/informal)

The consensus model will include the following parameters:
o Are the right people in the room?
o Have all members had an opportunity to discuss the issue?
o Do members understand the decision to be made?
o Can members live with the decision?
o Can members defend the decision?
o Everyone can and will support the decision outside the room.
If consensus is not possible, aiming for an 80:20 agreement. If consensus is not reached, the decision will be at the discretion of the Chair with dissenting opinions noted.

o Funding will be provided by Cancer Care Nova Scotia to cover costs associated with teleconferences, travel to face-to-face meetings, consultant /external resource fees and reimbursement of FFS physicians at the negotiated rate.
o When possible and appropriate, travel costs will be minimized by taking advantage of technology
including video conferencing, and teleconferencing options. technology including video conferencing, and teleconferencing options.

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