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Scope of Cancer Service Delivery Review

Dr. Tony Fields and Ms. Karen Janes are the consultants doing this work. Dr. Fields and Ms. Janes have much experience in cancer system administration, program delivery and governance.

Dr. Fields is Board Chair of the Health Quality Council of Alberta and Professor Emeritus, Oncology at the University of Alberta. A gastrointestinal specialist, Dr. Fields has held various administrative and clinical leadership positions in Alberta’s cancer system. He also has extensive governance experience within national organizations in the public and voluntary sectors.

Ms. Janes is a nursing practice leader at the British Columbia Cancer Agency, working with nurses and interprofessional teams in both tertiary cancer centres and smaller community cancer settings to improve the quality and safety of the chemotherapy experience for people with cancer, their families and the health professionals who care for them. Her expertise in direct care, clinical education and leadership assists her in effective knowledge transfer to improve safety in chemotherapy administration and care.

Dr. Fields and Ms. Janes were in Nova Scotia meeting with representative cancer system stakeholders on September 12-17th. Electronic surveys were also distributed widely to all cancer system stakeholders.

Following the consultation process, Dr. Fields and Ms. Janes will write a report providing recommendations on a model for the delivery, governance and administration of cancer services that are provincial in scope and direction and based on best practices while considering the Nova Scotia context. The recommendations provided to government will dovetail with the work of the Health Authority Transition Team as they plan the restructuring of the health system in Nova Scotia.

The end goal is an optimal provincial model for integrated delivery of cancer care with a report to be submitted to Department of Health and Wellness in November 2014.