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 Ms. Joanne Cumminger, 2014 Excellence in Patient Care



 Ms. Joanne Cumminger, Cancer Patient Navigator (retired June 2014) for Pictou County Helath Authority, is one of two recipients of CCNS’s 2014 Excellence in Patient Care Awards for health professionals.

“A registered nurse for more than 38 years, Joanne Cumminger has been a strong and warm shoulder for many to lean on,” said Rochelle Currie, Manager of Ambulatory Care and Rehabilitation, Pictou County Health Authority. “She has been a friend and a support to countless individuals and families going through the scary and confounding journey known as cancer.”

Over the 12 years she worked as a Cancer Patient Navigator, Ms. Cumminger improved the cancer patient experience for patients, families and health professionals in Nova Scotia. In this role she has educated, supported and navigated more than 2,500 individual cancer patients and families in the Pictou County Health Authority. She has supported countless family physicians and other community health professionals, providing them with that important link to the formal cancer system; and she supported cancer specialists, providing them with insight into the challenges rural patients often face. As Cancer Patient Navigation expanded across the province, Joanne also helped to mentor and orient new cancer patient navigators.