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CCNS Excellence Awards 2015

Awards Criteria

The CCNS Excellence Awards were introduced in 2009 to mark 10 years of working with our partners to enable quality cancer prevention and care for Nova Scotians as well as recognize leadership, innovative practice, and excellence in patient care for Nova Scotia cancer patients and families.

With your help, we’ll acknowledge the work and commitment of the many dedicated people who are part of Nova Scotia’s cancer system.

Who is eligible for nomination?

• Health Professionals
• Health Administrators
• Researchers
• Volunteers
• Nominees may be working or retired
• Nominees may be present or former residents of Nova Scotia

Both individual and group/team nominations will be considered. Posthumous nominations will also be considered.

Who can submit a nomination?

• Cancer Patients and/or their families
• Volunteers
• Advocates
• Health Professionals
• Health Administrators
• Researchers
• Members of the community

Nomination Information
PLEASE NOTE: Only complete nominations will be considered by the awards committee. A complete nomination includes:

Completed nomination form
• Letter (or video clip, 2-5 minute maximum or other multi-media presentation) from the nominator outlining why the individual or group is being nominated
• Two letters / videos / other multi-media presentation or a combination of any two items listed in support of the nomination. (E.g. a letter and a video, or a video and a PowerPoint presentation.)
• Nomination and supporting materials should address and provide examples of how the nominee has met each of the qualifications outlined.
Deadline for nominations is September 21, 2015

Download the 2015 nomination form here

Submission Details

Each submission must be emailed/postmarked separately.
Nomination packages must be emailed/postmarked no later than the specified deadline.
Nominators are encouraged to send their applications electronically if possible.
Excellence Award nominees from previous years are still eligible for nomination if the nomination is fully resubmitted.

Please note: Full-time staff and current board members of Cancer Care Nova Scotia are not eligible for nomination. In addition, they cannot submit a nomination nor provide a letter of support.

Nominations should be sent to:

via email: gmail.com

hard copies: CCNS Excellence Awards Committee
  C/o Mr. Kris Kennedy
  Cancer Care Nova Scotia
  1276 South Park Street, Bethune 540
  Halifax NS  B3H 2Y9


Award Qualifications 2015

Leadership Excellence 

1. The individual or group’s leadership has resulted in a substantial contribution to cancer care. 

2. The individual or group has inspired a change in policy or practice that has resulted in enhanced cancer care or contributed to cancer control.

3. The individual or group has led or inspired a change in policy or practice that has resulted in enhanced cancer care or improved access to cancer care.

*Excellence in Patient Care (two awards in this category- health professional and volunteer) 

1. The individual or group has substantially improved some aspect of care for cancer patients.

2. The individual or group has contributed to assuring patient-centred care is at the forefront of their practice.

* The qualifications are the same for both awards; however, support material for the health professional award must include a letter (500 words or less) or video (2 - 5 minutes) or multi-media presentation from a patient.