Quality Care

Cancer Care Nova Scotia works with health professionals and District Health Authorities so that Nova Scotians continue to receive consistent, high quality cancer care, as close to home as possible. Here are three accomplishments we are particularly proud of:

Guidelines - Cancer Care Nova Scotia staff and cancer specialists have developed medication, disease and symptom management guidelines. They provide health professionals with the information necessary to ensure their patients receive the appropriate cancer care. The guidelines help patients receive care close to home by providing information to health professionals outside the cancer centres who care for cancer patients.

Satellite Oncology makes it easier for rural cancer patients to receive care closer to home. Patients are able to receive oncology specialist consultation and follow-up services at the facilities closest to their homes.

Levels of Care - Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Systemic Therapy Levels of Care has been developed to define the types of chemotherapy that can safely and appropriately be administered in a particular location.

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