About Us

About Us

Prevention / Early Detection

Cancer Care Nova Scotia is working to prevent cancer, find it earlier, and treat it better through various cancer prevention and early detection services.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Program Prevention and Screening - Cancer Care Nova Scotia is reducing the rate of cervical cancer through a variety of approaches and strategies including professional and public education, monitoring quality assurance indicators, and managing the provincial cytology colposcopy registry.

Colon Cancer Prevention Program - Cancer Care Nova Scotia has launched a provincial screening program for colon (colorectal) cancer.  The program aims to reduce the burden of colon cancer on Nova Scotians through facilitating regular screening, supporting professional and public education, and maintaining data registries to enable health system planning and quality assurance.

Sun Safe Nova Scotia - Atlantic Canada has among the highest incidence of skin cancer in Canada. Sun Safe Nova Scotia, a coalition of organizations coordinated by  Cancer Care Nova Scotia, was formed to promote sun safety and reduce the incidence of skin cancer.  Great progress has been made in the development and adoption of sun safety policies in the recreation and childcare sectors which are helping to create environments that support sun safety practice by staff and program participants.  The Sun Safe N.S. coaition has informed and supported the adoption provincial legislation banning youth access to tanning beds.